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Helping You With Your Dizziness & Balance Disorders

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We provide a unique blend of testing and vestibular rehabilitation with specialized physical therapy to address your dizziness and balance problems.

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We offer in-person and telehealth visits to meet the needs of both existing and new patients. We are committed to providing quality patient care in a safe environment. 

Helping You Achieve Balance

How 360 Balance & Dizziness can help you or your loved one

Our staff has a combined 60+ years of experience in testing, diagnosing, and providing treatment options to patients suffering from a variety of symptoms related to balance and dizziness disorders.

One-on-One Care

The therapeutic specialists at 360 Balance & Dizziness are experts at working one-on-one with patients like you. 


Vestibular Therapy

We provide a unique blend of advanced vestibular testing with specialized physical therapy to address dizziness and balance problems.

Unique Treatment Plan

We take a comprehensive health assessment, discuss your symptoms, and create a unique treatment plan and timeline based on your specific needs. 

60+ Years Experience

Our staff has a combined 60+ years of experience in testing, diagnosing, and providing treatment options for balance and dizziness disorders. 

Everyone experiences dizziness and imbalance in different ways

We care how your symptoms affect you. Our philosophy: Once you’ve seen one patient with dizziness, you’ve seen one patient with dizziness because no matter how common dizziness is, it affects each person differently. During your treatments, we will ask you questions to help paint the picture of your unique experience with your diagnosis or symptoms. The therapeutic specialists at 360 Balance & Dizziness are experts at working one-on-one with patients like you. 

Tell us about your symptoms:


Experienced as room spinning around you, usually when you change positions, turn your head too quickly, or in certain positions.  

If you feel that you are experiencing vertigo, we will ask: 

  • Can you see the room spinning around you? Or is it more of a spinning in your head? 
  • How long does the room spinning last? A few seconds? Minutes? Hours? 

This is more “faint like” and may be a sense of falling, a head rush, or heaviness through your body.  

If you feel lightheaded, we will want to know: 

  • When do you most notice this sensation? For example, do you feel it when you first stand up? When you turn too quickly? If you’ve been standing for a while?  
  • Do you have abnormal blood pressure? 
  • Have you ever lost consciousness during one of these episodes? 

This is often described as feeling “off,” having spatial disorientation (bumping into walls or doorways), or feeling like you’re drunk. Sometimes it is accompanied by falling or nearly falling.  

If you feel unsteady, you can expect us to ask: 

  • Do you feel “off” in your head? 
  • Do you feel like you are drunk or like you are unsteady on your feet? 
  • When do you most notice your symptoms? Is it all the time or just when you’re doing specific actions or movements?  
  • Do you feel like it is worse at night? 
I’m just dizzy.

None of the previous descriptions sound like what you’re experiencing? That’s ok! Feel free to use your own words to describe what you are going through. We will ask about duration of symptoms, possible provocations of symptoms, and quality of symptoms among other things. We are trained to find the best therapeutic path for each of our patients and their unique circumstances.  

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We are committed to putting you on the path to better health. 

Our patients are often treated in fewer visits than seen with traditional rehabilitation programs. This means a quicker and less costly return to a high quality of life! 

Our focus on empowering self-management, better care outcomes, and improved satisfaction makes us the right choice for your needs. Contact us today to get started. 


​​Thanks to my amazing therapists at 360 Balance & Dizziness Center. After my treatments, I experienced not one ounce of dizziness or the feeling imbalance. I want to thank my therapists and the staff, who have always reassured me that I would get better with time.” 

– Liz Hunt

“I have sent my patients with vestibular and balance disorders to 360 Balance & Dizziness Center since its inception. The team at 360 have a committed, caring attitude for patients and the utmost respect toward referring doctors. I believe they are an absolute asset to patients’ treatment and rehabilitation.​” 

– James Kemper, MD

​​​”The only thing good about having vestibular nerve section in 1997 was my rehab at 360 Balance & Dizziness Center. And for this I consider myself very fortunate. My therapists even noticed details that a doctor missed. I have known the staff at 360 for almost 20 years and in addition to being my physical therapists, they are also my friends, and continue to provide me with encouragement.​”

- Christina G.

You can count on us. We are compassionate therapists who are passionate about your care!

You’ve suffered with your symptoms for long enough. Our therapeutic team is ready and waiting to help you find relief. We will empower you and your loved ones to take an active role in your therapeutic path.

We will also teach self-management techniques for increased safety when not in the clinic. Come see us and let us help you regain a higher quality of life!