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For Providers

Your trust in our services is very much appreciated! 

360 Balance & Dizziness is a multi-award winning clinic that is nationally recognized for our management of balance and dizziness disorders. We bring more than 60 years of collected experience in the specialty of balance and dizziness. 

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care that treats patients as individuals in the context of their preferences, lifestyle needs, emotional status, and family and community support. Patients with balance and dizziness disorders are often misunderstood, leading to numerous visits to multiple health care providers without an accurate diagnosis or successful treatment. Our services include cutting edge diagnostic testing combined with personalized one-on-one services. We advocate for patient-centered care with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration among health care providers 

We are dedicated to strong partnership with our referring providers. If the inner ear isn’t considered as a cause to symptoms of balance and dizziness dysfunction, the average time to receive an accurate diagnosis is 8 months. With a referral to a specialist for further testing, the time to receive an accurate diagnosis averages only 1 month. Together, we can provide world class care to our patients for optimal quality of life.  

The staff at 360 Balance & Dizziness is currently the only diagnostic testing and rehabilitation center in Austin that provides these services. We have received the Austin Top Clinics award for more than 10 years and have treated over 25,000 patients since our opening in 2002. 

We know that you have a choice of providers and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your trust in our services is warranted. For more information about our staff please visit the About Us tab. To learn more about the testing and therapy we provide please visit our Services tab.  

You can download a referral page here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for referral pads, brochures, or patient handouts at [email protected] or at 512-345-4664.  

Education and Training

We coordinate our clinical training with 360 Neuro Health, which provides on-demand vestibular therapy certificate courses, tools, digital marketing, practice management, & ongoing community support.

360 Neuro Health just launched INTEGRATE, on-demand access to Oculomotor, VOR, and Optokinetic videos. Can be used in the clinic, training room, or as a home program.