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Here at 360 Balance & Dizziness, we often get asked the question “How can physical therapy help with my dizziness?” We can help in several different ways, depending on what is causing the dizziness you are feeling and how your symptoms are affecting your daily life.  

Vertigo, or more specifically Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), is one form of dizziness that we treat regularly. This is when someone perceives the entire room as spinning around them. We can treat this with a series of head and body positions. While you’re in the clinic being treated for vertigo, we’ll also take the time to explain what exactly is happening and why you are experiencing that dizziness. 

Some people come to us because they feel off-balance or unsafe when they are walking. We will work with you to make sure that your gait mechanics (how you are walking) are functional and safe. As you progress, your clinician will train you on how to walk on uneven or soft surfaces, up and down ramps, and even how to safely ascend and descend stairs. Our physical therapy team will give you pointers and explanations each step (so to speak) of the way! 

Many of our patients have heard of Meniere’s Disease, or the larger umbrella diagnosis of Endolymphatic Hydrops. If you’ve been diagnosed with fluid disfunction in your inner ear, we can prescribe exercises to maintain balance and educate you on lifestyle changes that will help provide relief.  

If your balance or dizziness is related to a larger event, such as a stroke, Covid-19, or concussion, we will work with you to target your specific deficits. Are you having trouble bending down? We have an exercise to help strengthen that skill. Do you experience motion sensitivity? We have an exercise to desensitize your system. Do you feel so exhausted at the end of the day that all you can do is sit? Our trained professionals can strategize with you and give you tips and tricks for energy conservation while increasing your endurance for activities. 

If you don’t really know how to describe how you’re feeling or what help you need, that’s ok! If you’re dizzy or feel off-balance, our team of clinicians will work with you to determine what we should focus on and how to proceed. You are the key to determining your path forward, but we are here to guide you! If you think you or a loved one could improve balance or decrease dizziness, give 360 Balance & Dizziness a call today!