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Physical therapy is a major part of what we do at 360 Balance & Dizziness, and as such we would like to take a moment to highlight the history of how we came to be. 

Physical Therapy as an institution started with the Reconstruction Aides in the late 1800s and 1910’s. These women (and they were exclusively women) worked to reconstruct the physical abilities of those affected by the polio outbreaks as well as those injured during WWI. When the war ended, they recognized that physical therapy was still a much needed service, so they created the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association in 1921, which was quickly changed in 1922 to the American Physiotherapy Association as men began to enter the profession. Throughout the years the field has grown and changed, recognizing various specialties and their unique needs and approaches such as pediatrics, neurology, geriatrics, and women’s health. 

On a more specific level, 360 Balance & Dizziness started in the trashcan… literally! While treating a dizzy patient in a hospital setting, Dr. Bridgett Wallace found a flyer in a trash can for a talk by Dr. Epley about a new maneuver he had developed to treat vertigo. She was intrigued and decided to go to the talk and hear what this physician had to say. After trying the Epley Maneuver on her dizzy patient, Dr. Wallace thought that there might be something more to vestibular therapy. Eventually, she decided to open a physical therapy clinic specializing in balance and dizziness disorders. After a few years, she added an audiologist to the team for a more diversified and well rounded approach to vestibular disfunction. Now she travels the country (and even to other countries!) to educate about vestibular disfunction and how physical therapy can be an integral part of a patient’s therapeutic regimen. 

Today the team consists of physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, an audiologist, and an administrative team. The Physical Therapy team is made up of trained Vestibular PTs and Vestibular PTAs. We work together as a team to consult and make sure that each of our patients gets the best treatment possible. We all take pride in providing excellent patient experience, so come see how Physical Therapy can help you on your road to health!