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Payment Plans

Currently, we offer two types of payment plans:

  1. If the cost of services is over $125, you have the option to pay $80 at the time of your visit and the remaining amount within 60 days
  2. Scratchpay (you must apply and qualify for this payment plan – please see link below)

What is Scratchpay?
​Scratchpay is a payment plan with fixed, monthly payments but is not a credit card. Scratchpay offers three different types of plans:

  1. Pay Later Plan: 3-month, 0% APR invoice plan
  2. Take 5: 0% APR, easy way to pay 1/5 now, and pay the remaining amounts back every other week
  3. Pay Over Time Plans: 12 & 24-month, with interest and rates vary

Checking to see what you qualify for will not affect your credit score. If you sign the promissory note for one of Scratchpay’s 12 or 24-month plans, one hard credit will be made. The 3-month invoice plan and Take 5 plan never has a hard inquiry.
Every situation is different, so we cannot tell you if you will be approved or what your interest rate would be for the 12 or 24-month plan.

You can apply by texting PAY to 1-213-296-0817 or click here.

Once you have been approved, you will receive and email with an “Agree and Submit” option. To protect your privacy, Scratchpay will not tell us why you were declined but will notify you and provide you contact information to obtain more information.