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The Clinic

Our staff has a combined 60+ years of experience in testing, diagnosing, and providing treatment options to patients suffering from a variety of symptoms related to balance and dizziness disorders. 

At 360 Balance & Dizziness, our mission is to empower every individual and meet the healthcare needs of patients that suffer from dizziness or balance disorders. All our services will be provided in a compassionate, accepting environment that is not just a person-centered model but a relationship-centered model.  

Our relationship-centered model goes beyond providing a service or treating an illness. We focus on the whole person including individual experience of symptoms, personal goals, and involvement of other family members, caretakers, and providers. We are passionate about the importance of education and clearly explaining information that continues to be helpful over time. Our therapists, patients, and referring providers work together as a team! Even though we’ve seen thousands of patients over the years, we still believe that each person must be treated uniquely. 

Our specialized staff combines advanced technology with a personal touch to provide the optimal therapeutic experience for those suffering from dizziness and balance problems. We are recognized nationally for not only providing but developing best practices in the field of Physical Therapy. Austin Business Journal has honored us with Austin’s Top Clinic Award for 12 years in a row.  

We are eternally grateful for the hundreds of providers that refer their patients to us but the greatest compliment of all has been the recommendations we have received from previous patients! 


Passionate about your care.

Compassionate about you.

Bridgett performs OPK training in the state-of-the-art CDP 

Alex sets a patient up on the BioStep recumbent bike 

Katherine gets a patient ready for VNG testing 

Justin guards a patient to make sure she’s safe during stair training 

Bridgett guards an older patient while testing his systems of balance 

Alex tests a young patient’s higher level balance with dynamic activities 

Lisa performs an Epley maneuver for a patient with BPPV 

Alex guards a young patient while she performs higher level balance activities 

Charlotte explains the anatomy and physiology of the inner ear 

Katherine sets up a patient for diagnostic testing 

Justin steadies a patient as she performs dynamic balance exercises 

Justin tests a patient’s eye movements 

Bridgett uses the CDP to train a patient’s weight shift abilities 

Charlotte performs manual therapy for cervicalgia 

Alex performs COBALT testing on a young concussion patient 

Justin performs a protocol on a patient with MdDS 

Alex initiates gait training with an older patient 

Katherine places electrodes for a VEMP test 

Hayley teaches a patient the proper sit to stand form